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Worship centers in Garvin County, Oklahoma

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  • Bethel Church (christian)
  • Bethlehem Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    North Dunbar Street
  • Calvary Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    West Chickasaw Street
  • Christian Church (christian)
    West Choctaw Street
  • Christian Life Pentecostal Church (christian - pentecostal)
    Memory Lane
  • Church of Christ (christian)
    Pine Avenue
  • Church of the Nazarene (christian)
    North Pecan Street
  • Cottrells Mission
    N3360 Road
  • Dixon Chapel (christian)
  • Fair Oak Church (christian)
    Airline Road
  • Faith Cathedral (christian)
    Melville Drive
  • Faith Temple
    South Spruce Street
  • First Assembly of God (christian - pentecostal)
    North Chickasaw Street
  • First Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    West Creek Street
  • First Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    North Ash Street
  • First Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    East Kerr Boulevard
  • First Christian Church (christian)
    West Guy Avenue
  • First Church of God (christian)
    North Chickasaw Street
  • Free Holiness Church (christian)
  • Hillcrest Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    North Clayton Avenue
  • Home Sweet Home Church (christian)
  • Life Spring Family Church (christian)
    South Pine Street
  • Little Flock Church (christian)
  • Love Church (christian)
  • Methodist Church (christian - methodist)
    North Willow Street
  • Midway Church (christian)
  • Mount Carmel Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    East Crump Street
  • Mount Zion Church (christian)
  • Mount Zion Church (christian)
    N3320 Road
  • Mountain View Church (christian)
  • Prairie View Mission
  • Presbyterian Church (christian - presbyterian)
    North Walnut Street
  • Roady Church (christian)
  • Saint Michaels Episcopal Church (christian)
    Frances Avenue
  • Saint Timothy Church (christian)
    Fields Row
  • Salem Church (christian)
    Katie Road
  • Sandy Hill Church (christian)
  • Shady Grove Church (christian)
    E1670 Road
  • Southside Church (christian)
    South Chickasaw Street
  • United Pentecostal Church (christian - pentecostal)
    North Severs Avenue
  • Valley Christian Church (christian)
    Fields Row
  • Valley View Church (christian)
  • Walker Church (christian)
    Longmeier Lake Road
  • Wynnewood First United Methodist Church (christian - methodist)
    South Robberson Avenue